Nucor and Industrial Solutions Network Rise Together

Nucor is not only one of the largest steel manufacturers in the country, they are the largest recycler as well.  They are also the largest energy user in the state of Nebraska.

To stay competitive in a landscape that can be very volatile and ever changing, they need to move forward and modernize.

They haven't just upgraded their processors, I/O, HMIs but their workforces knowledge and training.  They are recording their processes, data and improving their process.

They are producing more, more efficiently because they are connecting their plant, creating a safety program, upgrading their lighting and processes so they can focus on what really matters, their people!

Working with our CED location in Norfolk, NE (part of the Industrial Solutions Network), they have been able to accomplish this.  But a partnership is long term, changes are constant and we are together through all the changes.

Visit Nucor or the Industrial Solutions Network: &

Thanks to Nucor Nebraska for letting us film and tell the story!!

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